Sinakt - phonetic transcription of the Greek prefix "syn" (together, union of) and the Latin word "actus" (acts, actions, movements, gestures) - has been created in the year 2000 by the artists Elisa Waldner and Edoardo Danieli with the purpose to bring together circus and other performing arts, as well as other artistic languages in order to speak about universal themes to an international audience of all ages. We use vertical and horizontal space to call to mind or tell stories, to represent concepts, to create images. Therefore we invent circus acts, circus-theatre shows and theatrical circus choreographies about different themes, but also choreographed visual acts. Our work is flexible and can be adapted to different demands and spaces: to closed and open air spaces on stage or street. Our shows aren't based on words and therefore accessible to an international public.

Sinakt offers: contemporary circus and circus-theatre shows, acts, visual performances, special performances for special occasions, performances for festivals, parties, fairs, exhibitions, galas or events, al well as the know-how for show direction and creation of choreographies. We also offer workshops of circus arts, theatre and artistic creation.

Elisa Waldner

Aerialist and circus-theatre actress, co-founder of the circus company Sinakt-CircoTeatroDanza and the Circus School ArsMotus which she is directing until 2016.

She graduated in Turin at the Contemporary Circus School FLIC, studied theatre at the Atelier of Physical Theatre of Philip Radice (Lecoq method) and with A. Vivoda (method of Arianne Mnouchkine), direction with G. Moleri and circus, theatre and dance in different countries with international directors, choreographers and circus teachers. She also received a Master's degree in Translation studying at the University of Trieste (I) and a Master in Teaching at the University of La Laguna (E).

She performed as an aerialist and circus actress in convention, product lauches, galas, international circus and street art festivals in many countries. She worked in all productions of Sinakt as well as in international productions. She created many circus numbers and directed or co-directed over 20 shows.

Since 2005 she teaches mainly aerial acrobatics, but also other circus arts, like soil and partner acrobatics, multidisciplinary circus, flexibility and artistic creation for circus arts. Over the years she refined her method of artistic creation and teaching which she applies in all her shows and workshops.

Edoardo Danieli

Circus performer and director, co-founder of the Circus Company Sinakt-CircoTeatroDanza and the Circus School ArsMotus which he administrates at the present. He graduated at the Contemporary Circus School FLIC of Turin and studied theatre at the Atelier of Physical Theatre (Lecoq method) and with A. vivoda (method of Arianne Mnouchkine). He studied direction with G. Moleri and circus, theatre and dance with other international directors, choreographers and teachers. He perfomed in many countries and in all productions of Sinakt-CircoTeatroDanza and directed shows and acts for several circus companies and artists.

Outside of his training as a performer, he attained an A-Level GCSE in electronics at the ITS A. Volta of Trieste (I) and studied lighting design at the Accademia della Luce in Italy. He designed the lighting projects for all shows of Sinakt - CircoTeatroDanza and ArsMotus, as well as for different types of concerts, including classical and coral music.

Since 2005 he teaches multidisciplinary circus, circus-theatre, juggling and aerial acrobatics for privat and public institutions and at the circus school ArsMotus, improving his hability as pedagogue for circus arts for all ages.