Fly on Fire

Fly on Fire

Fly on Fire, inspired by the myth of the Phenix, aims to explore the point of contact between air, connected to the flight, symbol of freedom and ethereal condition, and fire, the primordial force with a regenerating essence.

The show has been inspired by the story of the Phoenix and presents itself as a surprising visual performance, where circus, theatre and dance come together. All acts, performed with elegance and precision, show extraordinary abilities, energy and synergy, strength and softness, unity and trust. Fly on Fire is part of contemporary circus and without text as we wish to delight an international public of any age. We are able to perform in any type of event: conventions, corporate entertainments, gala, open air festivals, fairs and festivals, parties .

Gender: Circus-theaterArtists: 2 (Elisa Waldner and Edoardo Danieli)Public: FamiliesLength: 30'Format: MediumLanguage: No wordsProduction: Sinakt CircoTeatroDanza

The show has been represented in the following festivals and events

Festival Ostuni (BR) 2012 OPLA' (Feltre). IT 2012PFLASTERSPEKTAKEL (Linz - A)2012PUF FESTIVAL (SLO), 2012CUCU FESTIVAL (Roana). IT 2013Festival luna nel pozzo Caorle (VE) IT 2013Fasti Verulani Veroli 2013BURATTINI SENZA FRONIERE (UD), IT 2013 BASCHERDEIS STREET FESTIVAL (Vernasca), IT 2014IN/CANTI E BANCHI (Castel Fiorentino - FI). IT 2014FÜHLINGSFESTIVAL (Aigh-Schlagl - Natschlag - A). 2014IL PAESE DEI BALOCCHI (Rive D'Arcano - UD), 2014Lanciano street festival Lanciano (IT) 2014PORTO PICCOLO, evento de inaugurazione, Sistiana (2014) REGGIA DESIGN OUTLET Marcianise (CS) IT(2014). BOTTEGA VENETA, convention aziendale (2014). Festa della befana gennaio 2015 Padova IT VILLA MARIGNANA BENETTON, matrimonio esclusivo (2015). TEATRO CRISTALLO (BZ), inaugurazione stagione teatrale, 2015Natale a Quarrata (FI) dicembre 2015Lenzburg music festival (DE) 2016 Notte dei saldi luglio Trieste (IT) 2016Érase festival Los Realejos S.C. de Tenerife (ES) 2017fiesta del comercio El Sausal (ES) 2017Festival de circo "Malabares" La Victoria de Acentejo Tenerife Marzo 2018 Noche de S.Juan Candelaria (ES) 2018Semana del Teatro 2018 Santa Ursula (ES)Festival de circo "Malabares" La Victoria de Acentejo Tenerife Marzo 2019Día de las artes La Guancha agosto 2019